How does the Patch Dog process work?
After you place your order, we will digitize your graphic and get it ready for embroidery time. If we see an issue with the initial order information, we will contact you via email.Once we have your design ready, we will create a test patch and send a picture to your email. If you like the way it looks, let us know. If you want to change it, just say the word. This is your art and we want you to be stoked on it!!
After that, you will receive an email with your tracking number, and then after all that anticipation, the patches will be in your hands! Enjoy them! You now have custom patches of your artwork!!! Congratulations <3
What is the turnaround time for orders?
It usually takes 14-20 days to fulfill an order. It's kind of a process and currently we do not offer rush options. Please plan accordingly! Get yourself a good book, unwind, and let the process do its thing. We will make sure your patches look great!! 
Can I receive a quote?
We don't do quotes. Our pricing and offerings are on our site and we like to keep it as simple as possible.
What file type do I need to place an order?
.png, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg
Can you create metallic patches? What about gradients and small details?
We offer metallic threads in silver and gold, as well as glow in the dark patches. When it comes to details, really small ones are a big challenge. Big bold details, with solid colors work best. Gradients are pretty much impossible for us.